Here is a firsthand account of our very own front desk phenom, Katie, getting her very first Botox and lip filler treatments. For anybody who might be on the fence or a little leery about getting these treatments, check this out!

So if you know me, the last thing I had on my mind or planned to do was inject things in my face. In my interview for the front desk position, I was asked if there was anything that I would be opposed to. Facials…absolutely. Skin rejuvenation…when do I start? Body sculpting and fat reduction…sign me up! Botox, lip fillers…uh, no thank you!

I started working at Restore Beauty in January 2019, and since then, I’ve been doing lots of observing. I have observed hundreds of women (and men) come in for just about everything – liposuction, acne facials, customizable facials, Coolsculpting, CO2 treatments, laser hHair removal, and yes, injectables.

So, funny story…I got Botox on my glabella lines (the 11’s in between my eyebrows) in the first 30 days of working at Restore Beauty. Me, the one who was opposed to injecting things in my face! The reason why I jumped in with both feet was that I did lots of research, asked questions, and have yet to see anyone walk out of Restore Beauty looking like a reality TV show contestant. Like I said, I’m an observer and a lover of all natural things. I watched our Nurse Injector Joni treat our clients with filler, and as they came out of the treatment room they looked very natural and glowing. Not only are Restore Beauty’s clients beautiful on the inside, they are wrinkle free, have beautiful smiles and have a confidence about them. I truly think that it’s because we have an RN who is well educated, takes pride in her work, and is really so knowledgeable and experienced not only with injectables but with every treatment she does. It would be difficult for me to get future fillers from someone who is not an RN.

Last week I told Joni that I was interested in talking about doing something for my upper lip (which seems to become invisible whenever I smile). I had already done the research, and she said that Volbella would give me my desired outcome. Volbella adds subtle volume to lips, softens the appearance of vertical lip lines, and is proven to last up to 1 year. The gel in Volbella is made from hyaluronic acid and is FDA approved. I trust Joni, and I’ve seen her work and know her credentials. I made the decision to go for it, and I’m so glad I did. I had very little bruising, didn’t swell much, and my lips look so natural and enhance the rest of my face nicely. I have lips now! I’m so happy!

If you are thinking about getting lip filler, I would highly recommend setting up a consultation with Joni at Restore Beauty. You can find us at or call us at (970) 278-0900. Until then, here’s a great article on what to know before your first time getting a lip filler:

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