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If you are one of the millions of men and women looking for non-surgical solutions to “turn back time” by rejuvenating and tightening your skin, restoring thinning hair, or by contouring and shaping your body, you have come to the right place! Restore Beauty Face & Body Clinic, located in Loveland, is a leader in Integrative Aesthetics, a new, holistic approach to beauty that considers also your body’s inner health when treating appearance concerns. Our treatment solutions are more customized than traditional aesthetics, because our professionals combine the latest technologies and products currently available in the field of cosmetic dermatology with advanced principles in functional medicine. Adult acne, for instance, may indicate a stressful lifestyle, nutritional deficiencies or food sensitivities. Besides external treatments, our internal solutions may include meditation, regular IV nutrient drips, or food allergy testing and customized diet plan to help your body cope. Enjoy renewed confidence and an overall sense of well-being with Restore Beauty’s complete range of skin, hair, and body services for men and women. We offer FREE in-office or virtual consultations. Call us now at (970) 278-0900.

Whole-Body Wellness for Men and Women

Become the best version of yourself! Being healthy is a choice. Live your life beyond limits with the help of wellness and recovery therapies that are tailored to your needs. 

Our signature IV therapies and vitamin injections will help you feel energized, invigorated , stimulated, and refreshed. Our IV therapies have been developed by a team of clinical professionals to deliver the vitamins, nutrients, fluids, electrolytes and antioxidants that your body needs. Unlike traditional oral supplements, IV therapies are fast acting, have a 100% absorption rate and provide effects that leave you feeling revitalized. Our Detox drips will clear your body of unhealthy toxins and heavy metals to reduce inflammation or the risk of chronic disease.

When you have problems with sex, doctors call it “sexual dysfunction.” It happens in both men and women. Sexual problems are no longer just a sign of ‘getting old’ but can occur at any age. Hormonal changes in men and women, pregnancy and childbirth, certain medications, as well as stress and depression can all be underlying causes of sexual dysfunction. From hormone restoration to vaginal rejuvenation , P and O-Shot, our cutting-edge technologies and protocols are designed to reduce the impact of sexual dysfunction.

Wellness starts within by understanding yourself. Our genes, environment, and lifestyle choices all have a tremendous impact on our personal development. While certain traits, such as your eye color, cannot be changed, others such as your propensity for developing debilitating diseases, can be modified by your actions. Unlock the molecular secrets of your DNA through lab testing and take preventive measures now for a long, healthy life.

Functional medicine-trained physicians, Dr. Howton and Dr. Fischer along with their support team will customize treatment plans to your needs. Schedule your treatment today!


Are you curious about EMSCULPT NEO®, the NEW innovative body contouring treatment? This is not just an Aesthetic treatment, we have seen the following medical benefits from EMsculpt Neo:

  • Core strengthening leads to relieving back pain
  • Great for rehabilitation after injury
  • And many other health benefits

NO downtime, NO recovery, NO discomfort makes EMSCULPT NEO the most comfortable treatment on the body contouring market. Along with the muscle contractions, throughout the treatment patients will feel a warming sensation in the treatment which creates fat loss.

  • Fantastic swag bag included with the purchase of treatment packages.
  • GIVEAWAYS including: IV Meyers push, Facials, Botox and Skincare products
  • Special event pricing – Buy 4 get 2 free
  • Meet national EMSCULPT NEO® experts
  • Refreshments & lite bites

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In order to keep up with the rising costs of doing business, we are adjusting our fee schedule. Effective October 1st, 2022, Dr. Howton’s and Dr. Fischer's consultation fees will be based on a rate of $400 per hour.



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