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Radiesse is a calcium-based filler, which is ideal for treating deeper lines like nasolabial folds and for restoring volume in the cheek and temple areas.  Radiesse is made of a material similar to that of our teeth and bones (calcium hydroxylapatite). The compound is formed into tiny spheres 25-45 microns  in diameter (smaller than your white blood cells), which are then suspended in a water-and-glycerin gel.

The consistency of this filler is like thick toothpaste and provides exceptional lifting ability. It is the ideal filler for cheeks, nasal folds, and temples. It last for about 18 months.

Over the following three months after injection the gel portion of the filler gradually breaks down, while the remaining calcium hydroxylapatite particles are infiltrated with collagen from your own skin. Hence, it is called a ‘Collagen Stimulating Dermal Filler’.

Additional Benefits:

  • Provides immediate volume where placed.
  • Natural and safe – effects achieved by stimulating your own collagen production.
  • Moderately long lasting – effects last up to 2 years.
  • Cost effective, when compared to alternatives.


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