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If you have had facial fillers before, you may already know that the results are only temporary. This is due to your body’s natural ability to break down the filler, causing it to be absorbed back into your system. As a result, your wrinkles eventually return to their original state, forcing you to continuously return for more filler injections. This process can be both time consuming and very costly.

The alternative to facial fillers is Bellafill® – its the first and only FDA-approved non-reabsorbable wrinkle filler for the correction of smile lines and wrinkles. Restore Beauty is Northern Colorado’s center of excellence for this safe, highly-effective procedure and Dr. Howton is a certified master injector of this advanced dermal filler.

The secret is in Bellafill’s patented formula, which contains 20% Bellafill® Precision-Filtered Microspheres™ and 80% Bellafill® Purified Bovine Collagen™ Gel with Lidocaine, an anesthetic. The microspheres present in Bellafill® are made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), the same material used in dozens of medical implants over the last 50 years. Once injected into the wrinkle site, the microspheres provide a supportive, natural feeling structure that causes your wrinkles to be reduced, and in some instances may disappear permanently.

Benefits of Bellafill

  • LONG-LASTING RESULTS: The Bellafill®formula stimulates your own natural collagen production, giving results that last over 5 years! Bellafill®
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS: Bellafill® is composed of about 80% bovine collagen, which Immediately adds volume to smile lines for a smoother, more youthful appearance.
  • PROVEN SAFETY: Dermal fillers might be relatively new on the cosmetic scene, but PMMA has been used in medical procedures since the 1940s due to its excellent tissue compatibility. One of its original uses was in cataract surgery.
  • PATIENT SATISFACTION: In a consumer survey, 91% of patients were likely to recommend Bellafill®, and in a 5-year Post Approval Study, 83% of patients reported being satisfied to very satisfied with the appearance of their smile lines at the end of the 5 years.
  • ALSO GREAT FOR ACNE SCARS: Bellafill® works beautifully on smile lines, and it has recently been FDA-approved to treat acne scars as well. Acne scars are notoriously difficult to treat, usually requiring a series of treatments with lasers or hyaluronic acid fillers. But with Bellafill®, typically 2 treatments are done about 8 weeks apart in order to treat acne scars, and the results can last up to 5 years.

I had deep hollows under my eyes and always looked tired, even after a great night of sleep.  I had other fillers before which worked but lasted only for a few months. Dr. Howton suggested Bellafill and I am so glad he did. He filled them in over 2 years ago and I have not needed any additional filler since then. I still look fresh and rejuvenated. I can highly recommend Bellafill and Dr. Howton. He did such an amazing job. Thank You!

T. L. - Longmont


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good candidate for Bellafill?

Good candidates are adult men or women who are looking for long-lasting dermal filler results. Though suitable for injection anywhere on the face, Bellafill is ideal for under-eye hollows, ‘bar code and marionette lines’, as well as temple area.

What can I expect after my Bellafill injection?

As with any dermal filler, you may experience mild bruising, redness, or swelling around the injection site. After the procedure patients can return to their normal daily routine immediately, with no downtime. Injectable dermal fillers are often known as ‘lunchtime face lifts‘ because of the limited time required. For the first few days, patients should avoid rubbing or touching the treated area, which can cause the Bellafill to migrate out of place. The effects of the injection are seen immediately. Although in general the effects of dermal fillers are considered temporary, one advantage of Bellafill over similar products is that it is the only dermal filler to be considered permanent.

How does Bellafill work?

After injection, the body absorbs the collagen over time and the PMMA spheres remain to plump the area. Bellafill is a collagen stimulating filler. Collagen actually wraps around the PMMA spheres and increase the skin’s thickness. First-time users need to plan ahead, however, to make sure they are not among the small percentage of the population that is allergic to bovine collagen.


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