Laser Hair Removal Fort Collins

Laser Hair Removal

Eliminate razors, waxing, and ingrown hairs for good!

About Laser Hair Removal

Men and women are making unwanted hair a thing of the past. Eliminate razors, waxing, and ingrown hairs for good! With the newest technologies, those who had once not been a candidate for laser hair removal can now receive this treatment and achieve outstanding results. Our state-of-the-art hair removal lasers allow us to treat many skin types and tone ranging from very light to brown skin with minimal discomfort – ANYWHERE ON THE BODY.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  • FREEDOM from ever having to shave again!
  • NO MORE unsightly in-grown hairs and scarring
  • NO MORE painful waxing

Why do I need multiple treatments?

Hair grows in cycles with about 20% of your hair being in the Active Growith Phase (Anagen) at a time. It is during this Anagen phase that hair follicles have the largest amount of melanin, or pigment, and can absorb most of the light energy from the laser. Because only 20% of the hair is affected during each treatment, multiple sessions are required to become completely hair-free.

Is Hair Removal Painful?

We use the gold-standard in hair removal devices – Candela’s GentleLase PRO. This Alexandrite laser is not only lightening-fast but also emits a continuous ‘puff’ of cryogen that cools the surface of the skin while light energy is sent to the hair follicle. Treatments are very comfortable and can be performed on any part of the body.

Ideal Candidates

Light energy will be absorbed by any type of pigment. For optimal results, your hair must be darker than your skin. This is why individuals with fair complexions and dark hair are better candidates for laser hair removal than individuals with darker complexions or lighter colored hair.

How to Prepare For and Maintain Your Laser Hair Removal

  • Do not tweeze or wax 4 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Laser Hair Removal cannot be performed on skin that is tanned or burned from sun exposure.
  • Self-tanner should not be used 2 weeks prior to your Laser Hair Removal treatment. Discontinue the use of any topical prescription medications 7 days before treatment. For example, Retin-A, Trilumen, Differin, etc.
  • The area must be shaved the day before your treatment.



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