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The ripples and dimples of cellulite can appear on anyone.  Even a super-toned physique may have patches of cellulite.  Cellulite results from the way the body holds certain fat deposits, not necessarily from the overall amount of fat present.  

Underneath the skin, fibrous cords of connective tissue (septae) secure the dermis (superficial skin) to the muscle.  These cords are made out of collagen and, due to toxin accumulation, hormonal changes, or nutritional deficiencies, they can become hardened and contract. When septae contract they pull down the superficial layer of the skin, which causes the fat cells to push up, producing that characteristic lumpiness associated with cellulite. 

Our two non-surgical, one-time solutions to reduce or remove cellulite are unique in that they treat it at the source – recalibrating the fibrous collagen cords that support the skin and breaking down the fat pockets.

Our Solutions


Profound is a non-surgical, one-time treatment for mild to moderate cellulite on localized areas. While other modalities may take 7-14 sessions with moderate and inconsistent results, Profound has a clinically- proven 100% patient response rate. It combines microneedling with radiofrequency to reduce fat pockets and to stimulate collagen formation in order to thicken the skin and to soften connective tissue.


BodyTite is a minimally invasive, one-time solution for large areas or moderate to severe cellulite. It uses Radiofrequency-assisted Liposuction to break down fat cells and remove them from the body, while at the same time, tightening the skin. Over the following months collagen production is stimulated and the fibrous collagen cords will lengthen.



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