Amplify muscle mass & firmness

About Accufit™

NEW for 2023 is Accufit™  – our newest non-invasive, muscle building, and body sculpting procedure.

Accufit™ emits direct electric pulses that stimulate thousands of muscle contractions during a treatment for an improved aesthetic appearance. This third-generation muscle stimulation platform applies 4 different proprietary electric waveforms, to replicate the motions of 4 different types of exercises or muscle movements (Twist, Hold, Grip and Tap) .

Accufit™ feels similar to workouts like yoga, strength training, sculpting, and massaging. It uses the same type of electro-muscular stimulation technology used by physical therapists to strengthen muscles.

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Areas That Can Be Treated

Both men and women can tone their abs, thighs, and buttocks with Accufit treatments.

The Ideal Candidate

Accufit™ is best for:

• Men and women who want to enhance muscle tone
• Patients who plateaued in their workouts and still want to add more definition to their muscles
• Those looking for a non-invasive, no anesthesia solution


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