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Most advanced, permanent method of removing unwanted body fat and tightening the skin SIMULTANEOUSLY!

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About BodyTite

We’ve all heard of ‘Liposuction’, but let Restore Beauty Face & Body Clinic introduce you to BodyTite. BodyTite is the most advanced, permanent method of removing fat and tightening the skin simultaneously. This incredible, combi treatment uses radiofrequency to dramatically improve the silhouette in the least traumatic way possible: by melting down fat to a liquid form first. Why? To guarantee the easiest of extractions and smoothest possible finish. Sometimes diet and exercise just will not shift those particularly stubborn areas of fat that leave us feeling self-conscious – and even if they do, sometimes that residual loose skin can still be an issue. That’s where we can help. BodyTite is the perfect option for those looking to trim away some unwanted fat as well as tone the area as they go. Not only that, but BodyTite’s fat removal process is so non-traumatic to the body that you can forget about all of the post-procedure pain usually associated with lipo. How? BodyTite uses a process of aspiration, melting down the fat into liquid form before removing it in the most swift way possible. Using heat, BodyTite will also eradicate all of those pockets of fat that are leading to unsightly lumps and bumps – even working miracles on the lumpy aftermath of previous, less advanced liposuction. The heat generated during the process, boosts collagen production that leads to skin tightening.  BodyTite can be performed on the stomach, love handles, legs, thighs, back, saddle bags, neck, upper arms, breasts (gynecomastia), mons pubis, bra strap and other trouble areas. Call Restore Beauty at 970-278-0900, email us at, or schedule your complimentary consultation.

Benefits of BodyTite


This minimally-invasive procedure only requires local anesthesia. It is more comfortable than traditional liposuction, has significantly less downtime, bruising and localized trauma, and addresses loose skin that has been stretched over the years.


Some Dramatic improvements can be seen 2-6 weeks post treatment. Controlled dermal heating offers superior, uniform results with less risk of bumps and bulges. BodyTite is also very effective reducing the dimpled appearance of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.


Three feedback systems continuously monitor the treatment area and stop the flow of energy between the two probes when certain thresholds are reached to prevent over-treatment. This ensures the highest level of safety possible.


Most patients only require one treatment per body area. Multiple body areas can be treated during a single session. Depending on the number of treatment areas, the procedure takes about 2 hours.


BodyTite is the perfect solution for individuals with a higher BMI who are not candidates for CoolSculpting, SculpSure, or Vanquish ME. BodyTite can be combined with our 4D Vaser LipoSculpting procedure in order to remove larger amounts of unwanted body fat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BodyTite work?

BodyTite is also referred to as ‘RFAL’ (radiofrequency-assisted liposuction). This is because it works by using radiofrequency energy to turn the fatty tissue to liquid form in order to extract it through a tiny incision (as opposed to removing it in its natural state, which requires the use of a significantly larger cannula.)

First, all problem areas will be drawn out by Dr. Howton, before administering local anesthesia.

Next, a fine cannula is threaded underneath the skin which serves as conduction tool for the BodyTite monitor. The monitor is passed over the skin, transmitting radio-frequency between the two devices which ensures fat is reached evenly and efficiently. This is what allows for such precise and smooth results. The topical heat also induces collagen production, helping to tighten and firm the skin concurrently.

How long does the BodyTite treatment take?

Up to three liters  (3/4 gallon) of fat can be removed in one session, and up to three areas of the body can be treated (depending on the size). This will generally take between 2 and 4 hours to complete, and will encompass any time required for pre-medication.

You will notice an initial improvement straight after treatment, with the best results visible after 3 to 6 months.

Are there any Side Effects?

Side effects of BodyTite may include temporary skin discoloration, redness, swelling, minor bruising and sensitivity. These are all very short-lived and generally shouldn’t exceed 5 days or so. Skin tone, however, can take a little longer to self-correct, and will likely even out over the course of 1-3 weeks.

It is also extremely common for patients to experience a slight weeping from the incision sites for the first 24 hours. 

How long is the Recovery?

With regards to recovery, it is sensible to allow yourself around 7 days. Having said this, many report feeling as fit as a fiddle from as early as days 3-5 (which is when some choose to return to work).

You will be required to wear a compression garment for the first two weeks – both day and night – and should only remove it when you shower, which you may do after 24 hours. Stitches from your small incision sites are removed after 10 days, at which time many begin to slowly and steadily reintroduce exercise.

How long will Results last?

BodyTite is permanent.

It should be noted, however, that BodyTite should not be regarded as a method of generalized weight management. Best results will only be maintained if you continue to sustain a healthy lifestyle of regular diet and exercise.

How much does BodyTite cost?

BodyTite prices at Restore Beauty begin at $2500. This will cover the cost of treatment to one area, although up to 3 areas may be treated at any one time. Additional discounts will be applied for multiple treatment areas.

Never fear, though. We know that BodyTite is an investment. That’s why we’re more than happy to help you spread the costs over a more comfortable expanse of time. Ask us about our 0% Financing option during your consultation.

BodyTite Abdomen at Restore Beauty in Loveland and Fort Collins

I am 42 years old and had liposuciton several years ago in Texas. I was not happy with the results. My belly was very uneven with lumps and bumps, one side was bigger than the other and my skin was starting to sag.

I read about BodyTite and how it can remove fat and tighten the skin at the the same time. The moment I heard  Dr. Howton  was going offer BodyTite, I signed up.

I can say it was perfect and much easier than I thought. Dr. Howton smoothed out the ridges and bumps on my belly and took off some fat on my bra line, too. My skin is so much tighter and I feel comfortable wearing fitted tops again. I had the procedure done on a Friday and went back to work the following Tuesday. I felt tender and had some swelling for a few day. The compression garment really helped. I think my inner thighs will be next.

K.S. - Ft Collins




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