AviClear™ is the first & only FDA-cleared energy device for the treatment of mild, moderate & severe acne.

About AviClear™

AviClear resolves acne, the #1 dermatological skin condition affecting over 50 million people. AviClear is a prescription-free, drug-free laser treatment that is safe for all skin types and tones. AviClear can provide lasting clearance without significant side effects in just three 30-minute treatment sessions.

How AviClear Works:
To understand how AviClear works, it’s important to understand how breakouts happen. Acne forms when sebum, the oily substance on skin, combines with dead skin cells and clogs pores. This revolutionary laser treatment uses a 1726nm wavelength to treat acne at the source by selectively targeting and down regulating the sebaceous glands. AviClear is equipped with exclusive AviCool™ sapphire skin cooling and sensory controls that maintain the skin’s temperature during treatment for a more comfortable experience. After an AviClear treatment, patients will produce less oil, and acne will get better and stay better.

Why AviClear™ is Different:

Most acne treatments target other things that cause acne, but not the production of sebum. Before now, there were few options, like Isotretinoin, to control sebum offering long-term clearance and were only offered to the most severe patients after failing other treatments, and those who could comply with the stringent requirements. Patients can enjoy clear skin without the routine.

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Benefits of AviClear™



AviClear™ is a chemical free and safe to use for all skin types. It's a new Laser treatment for Acne that has been shown to be as effective as Accutane without the dangers and side effects.​



Safe and comfortable treatment experience with AviCool™. Patients can resume activities immediately after treatment



AviClear™ only requires three 30-minute treatments and treats acne at it's source resulting in long lasting results. After treatment, breakouts are shorter with fewer and smaller flare-ups

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